When you're recruiting for an MLM, the compensation plan is one of the most important things to be knowledgeable about. This is what your prospects will rely on to make money in the business.

The compensation plan should be simple and easy to understand. It should also be fair and offer a good earning potential.

There are a few different types of compensation plans: uni-level, binary, and matrix. You'll want to be familiar with all three.

You'll also want to know:

  • What are the different available bonuses and incentives?
  • What is the minimum payout amount?
  • How often do you get paid?

Be prepared to answer questions your prospects may have about the compensation plan. They will rely on you to help them understand how it works.

Action Steps

  1. Read this article on MLM commissions.
  2. Answer these questions:
    What is the commission rate?
    How often do you get paid?
    What is the payout amount?
    What are the different bonuses and incentives available?
    Are there any caps on how much money you can make?
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