Are You a Star Sponsor?

If you’re looking to build a successful MLM business, the answer to this question is critical. We identify distributors who want to be Star Sponsors and then reward them for their efforts.

How do we do that? 

We provide a quiz to identify if you are already a star sponsor or show you areas where you need improvement.

If you don't initially qualify as a Star Sponsor, free comprehensive training on becoming a Star Sponsor is provided.

Why become an MLM Companies Star Sponsor?

When you qualify as a Star Sponsor, you receive the following:

Earn more money with our Star Sponsor rewards program.

  • If we haven't yet, we review your opportunity. 
  • You'll get great exposure by being listed on the top of the company review page as a Star Sponsor. Your name, photo, and the link to your site will be placed at the top of your business opportunity's review page. 
  • Be recognized for your hard work and dedication. A Star Sponsor recognition badge will be created for you that can be displayed on your website.
  • You qualify for a personal promotion page on this site where you can show your biography, information about your opportunity, a video, and your Star Sponsor badge!
  • You can let your prospects know that you can be trusted by sending them to the Star Sponsor section of this site, where you will be listed. 
  • Be seen as a leader in your industry. You will be able to qualify to become a MLM Companies Diamond Distributor and earn the Distributor of the Month designation.
  • Increase your income potential by getting more leads and customers. You qualify to purchase ads promoting your opportunity on this site. Links to your site will be included in your ad.
  • Become a trusted authority in the Direct Sales industry and get yourself exposed to a wider audience. You can submit articles that we will publish on this site. 

Becoming qualified as an MLM Companies Star Sponsor and the benefits you receive show your prospects that they can be successful under your mentorship.

How to know if your qualified as an MLM Companies Star Sponsor?

Take the quiz! It's free. 


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