Preparation is key to success in any situation, and an MLM meeting is no different. You'll want to make sure you have everything you need before the Meeting starts so that it goes smoothly. Here's what you should do before an MLM meeting:

  1. Send out invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will give your prospects time to clear their schedules and make any necessary arrangements. Also, let your prospects know the attire for the Meeting.
  2. Call each prospect a few days before the Meeting to confirm their attendance. You may want to ask if they would like you to pick them up and drive them to the Meeting.
  3. Prepare materials for the Meeting. Make copies of any marketing materials you'll be giving your prospects during the Meeting.
  4. Take breath mints with you and use them.
  5. Review questions that you want to ask the presenter.
  6. Arrive at the Meeting several minutes early to introduce your guests to each other and to your upline.

Presenting Yourself Professionally

An important part of any MLM meeting is how you present yourself. You want to come across as a professional and someone your guests can trust. Here are some tips for presenting yourself at an MLM meeting:

  1. Dress professionally. This doesn't mean you have to wear a suit, but dress in a way that makes you look like you take your business seriously.
  2. Be well-groomed. This includes having a neat hairstyle, trimmed nails, and clean teeth.
  3. Use an attractive note pad.
  4. Be attentive and pay attention to your guests. Make eye contact and smile.
  5. Avoid talking on your cell phone during the Meeting.
  6. Don't eat or drink in front of your guests.


An MLM meeting is a great opportunity to connect with your prospects and to give them the information they need to join your business. By following these tips, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Do you have any other suggestions for meeting preparations? Comment below!

Action Steps

  1. Buy a professional looking notepad.
  2. Decide how you want to invite your prospects and how you want to follow up the invitation.
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