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Typically, an MLM meeting will include a presentation by a speaker who is either involved in the business or is a motivational speaker. The speaker will talk about the company, the products, the opportunity, and the compensation plan. They may also share personal stories of success or failure to motivate participants and prospects.

Now that the Meeting has started, it's time to put your preparation to work. Here's what you should do during an MLM meeting:

  1. Greet the presenter enthusiastically.
  2. Pay attention to the presenters and take notes. Your guests will be looking to you for guidance, so it's important that you pay attention and take notes.
  3. Ask the presenter questions. Your questions should be relevant to your guests' needs and interests. For example, you might ask, How a particular product might solve a specific problem. Asking questions also helps you understand the concepts being taught to apply them later.
  4. If your guests are not asking questions, ask your guests if they have questions that you could ask for them. Asking questions is an excellent way for your guests to learn more about the opportunity.

The meeting doesn't end when the presenter is done speaking. In fact, the post-presentation is one of the most important times to make a good impression.

After the Presentation

 Your guests will be eager to ask you questions after the presentation. Here's what you should do:

Answer any questions your guests have honestly and completely.

If a guest is interested in joining your business, provide them with the information they need to get started.

Thank your guests for their time and offer to drive them home.

Make sure you follow up with your guests after the meeting. Give them a recap of the meeting and any make sure each of your guests has all the materials they need from the Meeting.


During the MLM meeting, your guests will be looking to you for guidance. It's important that you pay attention and take notes so that you can answer their questions later. After the meeting, be sure to follow up with your guests to thank them for their time and provide them with any information they need to get started in your business.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your next MLM meeting is a success!

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