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4Life has taken a significant step forward in its manufacturing strategy by constructing a new manufacturing building in Vineyard, Utah. The new facility, which encompasses 58,300 square feet, is situated next to the existing 48,500 square foot manufacturing plant and boasts state-of-the-art equipment capable of substantially increasing production capacity.

The new equipment made available as a result of 4Life’s expansion includes a bulk powder fill line for NutraStart and Pro-TF, a 150-cubic-foot blender for 4Life Transfer Factor, and a production line that can count and load four variations of vitamins for products like RiteStart Men and RiteStart Women. With these cutting-edge tools, 4Life is well-positioned to continue its commitment to manufacturing excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.

According to 4Life President & CEO Danny Lee, “This new combination of complex machinery will help us continue our commitment to excellence in manufacturing, quality, and customer satisfaction.”

Completing this second phase in the company’s manufacturing strategy marks a significant milestone in 4Life’s evolution as a leader in the health and wellness industry. With the addition of the new manufacturing facility, 4Life is poised to increase its production further and meet the growing demand for its products worldwide.

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