MLM Secrets to Success – Part 1

Have you ever been tempted by a Facebook Ad or email, coming from an MLM guru, claiming to have the answers to the secret for increasing your sales and recruiting? By accepting their invitation, you can easily spend thousands of dollars.

We’re going to save you thousands of dollars and give away the secrets for free.

If you want to move up in your companies ranks, you must understand and follow the recommendations found below.

Serving Your Downline

First, you need to feel responsible for everyone who signs up under you.

You need to know whether their primary motivation for signing up was to save money on products or to make money. If they joined the company to get discounts, make sure they always know of any special buys or sales that are occurring.

Those that joined to make money are going to make you successful. Without them, you will always find yourself in the lower ranks of the company.

Do you think anyone can be successful in your company? If so, you have wisely chosen your business.

You never, in the future, want to hear yourself saying about one of your signups “I knew they weren’t going to make it.”

You are responsible for their success.

If you find yourself reacting negatively to the above statement, you should go into affiliate marketing instead. Take a hike. Leave MLM. You give us a bad name.

Are you willing to serve those that you brought into the company? If so, we’re going to reveal the strategy you need to take and point out the tools that are available to support you. Read on.

The Strategy

When you begin your business, you can point your recruits at your upline to establish authority, but that eventually needs to end. Start right now developing yourself as an authority in your business.

Write reviews, make videos, or start a blog. Do all three!


Writing reviews help to establish your authority since you are providing information to them that they are seeking.

In fact, write a review about your company right now. You can come back and continue to read this article when you are finished. In your Internet Browser go to to assist in picking words to use, and then Google Grammarly in a different tab. Download Grammarly to your computer, open it and start typing. (You can also use Grammarly for Office if you have the product.) Try to write 1,000 to 2,000-words and make sure to introduce yourself.

Do not copy a review that you find online. You don’t want plagiarism to be your reputation. It’s okay to use online reviews as a source of knowledge.

Write the link to your company replicated website and ask the reader to check out your company by clicking on your link. (We will create this link for you when we publish your review on our site.)

When you are finished writing your review, if you are using Grammarly for Windows or Apple, put your mouse cursor on the down arrow at the top left of your Grammarly page and copy it to your clipboard. (CAUTION: using this method removes paragraphs, once you paste the document, you will need to add the sections back in. An alternate way is to copy and paste the individual paragraphs. Grammarly doesn’t allow right mouse clicks, so you will have to use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl C to copy, and Ctrl P to paste.) Use the method your most comfortable with if you are using Grammarly for Office.

If we have one, go to our review of your company, scroll to the bottom and click in the box under “Your Comment” and hit the Ctrl and V keys on your computer. You can also right click your mouse in the box and then choose paste. Edit the document as necessary after you paste it. You then need to rank the popularity of the opportunity, the products, the compensation, and what you think are the chances of achieving success.

If we haven’t written a review on your company, we may use yours and credit you as the author. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment. We will then arrange to publish your review on this site.


Go to YouTube and create an account if you haven’t before. Create a channel by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner and then clicking on “My Channel,” which should be the first choice on the list.

Start by recording a video of the review that you just wrote!

You can record a video using your phone, computer, or video camera. You can then go to your YouTube channel and upload the video. You will want to write a description of your video and put the link to the review you wrote on our site. You can get the link by going to the review page and right-clicking on the address bar of your browser. Choose copy, and you can now paste the link into your description by right-clicking and choosing paste. You will also want to put the link to your company replicated site into the description.

Send us a comment, give us the link to your YouTube video, and we’ll put your video into the review!

Once finished, you will have taken significant steps towards your goal of establishing authority. It’s time to take the next step, writing a blog.


A blog can cement your name as a leader in your company and create many business opportunity leads. Designing a blog and writing articles does take time. It’s important to set aside at least a couple hours per week to research and write. More hours, if you can.

To set up your blog, you will need a domain name, hosting, and WordPress.

For your domain name and hosting, we recommend A2 Hosting (click on this link* to go to the website.) The site will open in a new tab on your browser.

You may want to consider using your name as the domain. If not, use a phrase related to making money or your company products. It may be difficult finding an available domain, keep trying. Use if you need some ideas.

Choose a hosting product, and you will be emailed instructions to set up your website and WordPress blog. They are one of the best at making this process simple, that’s why we recommend them.

You begin by writing about yourself and your opportunity. Search your company name in Google, and at the bottom of the results, you will find related searches. These will provide subjects which you can research and write more blog posts.

Once you have written several articles, you will want to branch out and write about related subjects. A few recommendations:

Fastest Growing MLM Companies – There are over 800 Google searches for this phrase monthly and still not much written about it.

Business Opportunity Leads – Researching this phrase not only gives you something to write about, but it can also help you obtain leads! There are over 700 Google searches per month for this phrase, and if you write a 2,000-word useful article, you may find the blog on the first page of Google.

Business Opportunity Leads – Researching this phrase not only gives you something to write about, but it can also help you obtain leads! There are over 700 Google searches per month for this phrase, and if you write a 2,000-word useful article, you may find the blog on the first page of Google.

“Company Name” Products – This is a gold mine. There’s a vast number of products which you can choose from, writing about these can propel your blog to rank high in Google search results. As an example, the phrase “Advocare 24 Day Challenge results” has 1,300 monthly Google searches with just a few people writing about it! Valuable information.

In Part 2 of MLM Secrets to Success we’ll address the critical strategy of gaining trust. More useful tools will be presented to you as well. 


*We earn a commission when you click on the link and make a purchase. This is practicing what we’re preaching for you to do!