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These reviews are written primarily for individuals who want to learn more about MLM companies before joining the opportunity. The goal of is to support new distributors and those considering joining a network marketing business. These reviews are also intended to help existing distributors better understand the companies that they represent. Our hope is to add value for prospective and current distributors. We make every attempt to honestly convey what we discover in our research.

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Our contributing reviewers do not allow affiliates or representatives of the companies written about on this site to influence the content of their reviews, nor do they pay for favorable reviews or ratings. It is also disclosed whether or not the companies reviewed have sent any free promotional materials. Finally, contributors do not own stock in these MLM companies. Unlike many websites that might be partial toward a particular company, Our contributors are committed to providing an unbiased analysis of MLM companies for distributors and those considering the opportunity. 

About Us 

The contributors to this site are a group of retired distributors and MLM industry professionals who have come together to improve the network marketing industry. They are committed to providing honest reviews and ratings of companies and distributors representing the network marketing industry. also offers a platform for company representatives, consultants, experienced distributors, and others who have something meaningful to share.

The people at have spent decades in this business and want to help you succeed with your MLM. Our contributors also want to make it easier for potential distributors to make an educated decision before joining an MLM company. They believe that everyone deserves transparency and honesty when researching new business opportunities. Whether you choose to join a company they review or not, the hope is that these reviews help you make a more informed decision about which companies to pursue.

How We Decide What MLM Companies to Review

The reviewers generally post reviews of companies that are at least three months old. If the company is much younger, it's unlikely they have enough history for us to make an accurate assessment. They typically focus on companies that generate over $1 million in annual revenue, which is the minimum threshold we've determined as a benchmark for a company to have enough working capital to grow.

There is a certain amount of flexibility with companies that are growing. This means it may take time for them to reach the top of our ratings, but their current status will be identified in the review. Ideally, a company that has grown rapidly will become more profitable over time as its systems mature and management can achieve economies of scale.

There is so much inaccurate information available online. It can be challenging to know which opportunities are legitimate and which aren't. As a result, our contributors have invested thousands of hard-earned money and time testing different types of MLM companies. Since they've done the research, they can help other people steer clear of inadequate opportunities and find ones worth pursuing.

Our reviewers aim to be as objective as possible in their reviews and mainly base them on tangible metrics of the MLM company. These metrics include social media posts, Google ranking, commission amounts paid, marketing effectiveness, and more. In addition, they also consider factors such as the strength of the company's brand and business model. More details of how these reviews are created can be found below.

The Process for Writing MLM Reviews

The process of writing these reviews is thorough and time-consuming. Our contributors make every effort to be balanced in producing objective reviews. However, some companies receive more scrutiny than others because they are larger, or there is some controversy surrounding them.

Our contributors start by educating themselves as much as possible about the company. They conduct research into each company, including internal studies, press releases, public records, consumer complaints, and data from government agencies.

Initially, website research is conducted and do an in-depth analysis of how distributors make money for each company. Then, the compensation plan is examined to determine if it is viable and at what percentage of affiliate sales are paid as commissions and bonuses. Our reviewers determine what income one might expect to earn.

Research is continued by observing the company's public-facing image and its online presence. To do this, Google rankings and the company presence on social media such as Facebook or Twitter is checked. These investigations tell us a lot about the company and how they are perceived in the marketplace; these insights are used to determine its online reputation. Then the reviewer begins to look at data points, including revenue figures published by government agencies and/or media sources, complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau reports on a company, and direct sales tax filings.

Finally, reputable third parties are considered who can verify that the company is legitimate and has not been sued or fined by the FTC or consumer protection agencies in Asia, Canada, or Europe.

Based on all this research, an internal study of the company is conducted that investigates several criteria, including the company's compensation plan, marketing effectiveness, product quality, and price point comparisons to industry averages. These internal studies typically focus on three key areas:

Compensation Plan – Do the distributors earn money by direct selling products or services to customers or recruits?

Marketing Effectiveness – How effective is the company is in generating qualified prospects and converting them into sales?

Products or Services – How do the products produced by the company compare with the industry average? It is determined what position they hold in the marketplace.

This process also evaluates operating practices, including how a company treats its distributors, consumers, employees, business partners, etc. Finally, the company's business model is looked at and it is determined whether there is a strong correlation between how it markets the opportunity and the potential to make money in it.

Updating MLM Company Reviews

The reviews on this site are continually being updated as the companies grow and change. User feedback is welcomed through our contact page, Facebook page, or the comments section on each website page. Those who wish to comment should note that referral links are not accepted, or commissions paid for recommending a company. Any compensation received by the website contributors is derived from non-MLM affiliate programs. does not only rely on testimonials or subjective comments from current and former distributors to determine the value offered by a specific opportunity. The motives behind these criticisms often can't be identified, resulting in potentially biased opinions. There is also consideration about how the company responds to complaints against them.

As a result, our reviews look more like what you'd find for products purchased at Amazon than what you'd discover from someone's testimony about their experience with a particular company.

There is a comment section below each review if you want to read the comments that distributors make about their company.

MLM Rankings

The star rating system is employed to determine if one company has an advantage over another. The reviewer breaks the review into four sections and gives each section a star rating, and averages these to provide an overall rating. Five stars is the highest rating, one star is the lowest. In addition, the ratings for each section are sometimes broken into sub-ratings that also have star ratings.

The criteria used for creating our star system considers factors that speak directly to distributors. The ratings are divided into four main sections that affect distributors the most. These sections are:

• Company

• Product

• Compensation

• Ability to Succeed

These reviews are our labor of love and our contributors hope they help you make a better decision about which companies to join.

Details of Ranking Factors

The pros and cons for each section are summarized and a few sentences are written about the analysis.


The first section is about the business model and overall company. Our reviewers confirm company history, financials, distributor support, and whether they have faced any legal challenges. Next, they assess customer feedback, competitors, popularity, and level of engagement with customers.

Business Model - What is the company's business model, and how is it executed?

Company History - How long has the company been in business, and how many members do they have? How did they get started? What is their unique story, and why did they create the business opportunity in the first place?

Financials - Does the company have a solid financial base? What is the yearly revenue for the company? How much revenue does the company generate from product sales? The reviewers also factor in additional revenue generated from new recruits becoming distributors. Still, they highlight how many of these people drop out after a short period. This shows if the income they generate is from actual sales or from recruiting new members. Again, different sources are checked to come up with a reasonable estimate.

Distributor Support - How knowledgeable and helpful is the company to distributors? What kind of support do distributors receive from the parent company? Is support based on problem-solving, training, motivation, and community engagement or is it just focused on recruiting more members?

Legal Challenges - Has the company faced any legal challenges? Has the company been sued by courts or government agencies? Have they been involved in any lawsuits? Have there been complaints from distributors or customers? This is among the more important areas that are considered.

Customer Feedback - What are people saying about the company online? The internet is scoured for customer reviews and testimonials. Are there a lot of complaints or positive feedback surrounding their products/services and business opportunity?

Competitors - How does the company compare to its competitors? Our reviewers evaluate and list what they believe to be their top 5 competitors. Then, by comparing them side-by-side, they can better understand the company's strengths and weaknesses.

Popularity - What do the broader market's opinions about this firm suggest? The reviewers look beyond the company's distributors, and they consider what is called "public perception." This includes looking at the number of Google search results, how often the company is mentioned on social media sites, and widespread press coverage.

What is the general consensus about the company's customer service? How are their products perceived by consumers? Do they have any complaints from customers?

The number of people who have liked the company on Facebook, written tweets on Twitter, and commented on other social sites is a good indicator of popularity. It is also considered whether or not there are any negative comments about the MLM company on these networks. This can give you an idea if that is a good MLM to join or not.

Facebook Likes

There should be at least 500 likes for the company's Facebook page, which is a good indicator of brand strength. Likes are not counted, but Facebook's algorithms are used to determine how popular a page is.

Google Ranking

Google search ranking for keywords related to their products or services. MLM Companies should be ranked around pages 1 and 2 for their industry keywords (such as their company name and products) and receive at least 1,000 monthly search visits. When companies aren't even listed on Google, it may indicate that they are new or unproven.

Number of Positive Google Reviews

This is one of the most important review metrics because it's a good indicator that the company has already stood the test of time. Generally speaking, the more positive reviews (and no negative ones) will be a good sign that the MLM is on to something with its network marketing business.

Number of positive reviews on Yelp

BBB, Trustlink, and other 3rd party review sites are also considered.


Section two is about the company's products. Again, Our reviewers research how valuable the products are, whether or not the product line is sustainable, if pricing increases are to be expected, etc.

Products/Services - How does this company differentiate itself from others in the industry? Does their product or service offer something unique and beneficial to consumers? Do distributors make money selling the products, recruiting new members, and convincing them to sell/recruit as well, or both?

Product Portfolio - Which products are the most popular? Are they unique, innovative, and relevant to the lives of consumers? Do distributors actually make money selling these products? Our contributors seek to discover the answers.

Product Line - What are the company's current product lines? How diverse and sustainable is their product line? Is it too narrow such as some supplements, or so broad that there is nothing truly unique about it? Expansive collection of products are desired with more than one or two types , meaning that distributors can make money selling to different customer avatars.

Product Effectiveness - How useful are the products? Are the results backed by clinical tests and studies? What is the evidence from customers and distributors? Our contributors want to know how well this company's products actually work.

Product Pricing - Are prices increasing or expected to rise? What are the reasons for price changes? Reviewers look into the company's pricing expectations, past increases, and plans for future price increases. For example, products may have changed in price due to increased operating costs at the home office, increased cost of goods, or the company raised prices to increase profitability. Prices shouldn’t increase without justifiable reasons for doing so.

Customer Reviews/Feedback - What is the customer feedback about this company's products? Do customers seem satisfied with their products and services? Are there many complaints from consumers about a product or service that the company offers? Customer reviews are considered to get an idea of how satisfied customers are and whether or not the company's products are worth buying.


How does the company pay its distributors? The third section is about the compensation plan. As part of the research, Our contributor will analyze the company's type of compensation plan and how it works for distributors. Our goal is to give you an idea of how each distributor can quickly generate income.

The pay plan is the heart of any network marketing business opportunity. This section covers how distributors make money, whether or not they can make a substantial part-time or full-time salary, and if the company provides good value for your time and money spent as an affiliate.

Our reviewers want to see a generous plan that offers more than just a few bucks per month or a small commission for sales. At the very least, they want to see distributors be able to earn some serious extra cash from their efforts. Ideally, there should be the potential to profit after the third sale.

Contributors break down how much money distributors can earn by selling products and getting customers to join their downline. They also outline when distributors get paid, what bonuses they can receive, and who can qualify for each payment tier. For example, in some companies, only the people at the top levels of your downline can earn bonuses like free cars and trips. This is not the case in all programs, but when it does happen this information is important to know.

What percentage of distributor sales/purchases go to the company versus how much the distributor retains? Is it possible for an individual to build a substantial income using only basic tools such as word-of-mouth referrals, social media presence, or online sales methods?

The reviewer looks at how easy it is for people to share the opportunity with others via social media and by sharing information through blogs. They also consider whether or not there are mobile apps for sharing online sales and advertising products.

Is it possible to make a substantial income selling direct to customers and recruiting people into your downline? Or will you need to also purchase the product yourself to sell it to others and build an affiliate business? The reviewers want to know how easy or difficult it will be for you.

Reviewers carefully evaluate the structure, transparency, and fairness of the company's compensation program.

Commission Structure - How is the company structured to compensate its distributors? Some commission plans are intended to primarily benefit the business. In contrast, others are designed to ensure that the MLM marketer makes a lot of money quickly and abundantly. Our professional contributors understand these configurations and reveal them to you.

Understandable Compensation Plan - Does the company have a clear and legible compensation plan? Can you easily calculate your potential earnings? This is an important metric to examine because the success of any opportunity hinges on how much you make. The contributor also highlights restrictions on who can qualify for commissions. This can reduce motivation for distributors to sell products or recruit new members because it limits their ability to earn money.

Eligibility for Earnings - Does the company require distributors to purchase a certain amount of product each month to qualify for commissions? Do they have a fast-action bonus? How does the distributor earn money from retail sales?

Ability To Succeed

What does it take to become successful with this opportunity? The final section is about how much effort you must put in compared to the amount of money you could make in return. Our contributors consider the time commitment involved in building a business with the company, any training or certification involved, and additional ongoing requirements to maintain eligibility for compensation.

Reviewers identify any impediments, such as specific technical requirements you need to fulfill before becoming an affiliate. For example, some opportunities might require distributors to complete a training course. This is not mandatory in all programs, but they want our readers to be aware of these conditions when it is. This will allow you to make an informed decision about joining that business opportunity or program.

Our reviewers also examine:

Marketing/Branding - Is the company able to market its brand online, in-person, and offline? What is their branding strategy? Is it effective at building a loyal following of customers? How effective is the company at attracting new members?

Is their brand marketed effectively to drive traffic and convert leads into sales (both online and offline)? Is the company's social media presence (including the number of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers) substantial? Generally speaking, our contributors prefer companies with large followings on social media since these indicate a large and active customer base.

Opportunity Cost - Think about it this way, are you spending your money wisely? Are there more lucrative ways to spend your time and resources that would earn you a higher return on investment (ROI) than building a business with the company?

Is this a good opportunity, or is it better to look for a different business? For example, if you invest time and money into building your business, do you stand a high chance of losing that investment, or does the company have a high probability of success?

Monthly Requirements - How much time do distributors need to put in every month? Does a distributor have to purchase a certain amount of product each month? Are there responsibilities or other obligations that distributors must meet to remain eligible for commissions?

Training Offered – The reviewer looks at the training provided and what marketing methods and materials they offer their distributors. In addition, they examine existing reviews written by industry experts and other inside and outside sources.

Positive Reviews – The contributors research Google, Yelp, and BBB. They look for ten or more positive reviews. Then, the reviews are analyzed to reveal whether these may be biased.

Negative Reviews –Google, Yelp, and BBB is researched, looking for ten or more negative reviews. These are also analyzed to reveal motives that may indicate biased reviews and complaints.

Revenue and Income Disclosure Statement [RIDS]

This is a disclosure statement that reveals how much an average distributor makes per year from the company's products and services. The RID discloses this information to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you decide to become involved with the MLM company.

The company needs to have a complete and up-to-date revenue and income disclosure statement to better understand each company's business model and operations.

The distributors should be fully informed about what they expect to earn. For this reason, the income disclosure statement is examined and shared with you in the review. This information is used as a starting point for comparing earnings potentials across companies.

The number of people who have joined as members is one of our most essential review metrics. Our reviewers want distributors and customers leaving happy and satisfied with their purchases.


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