We base the top MLM Company Rankings on the current popularity of the companies, quality of their products, and the generosity of the MLM compensation plan.

July & August, 2018 Trends

As is common in the summer month, there wasn’t any significant movement in top MLM company rankings. September usually brings new opportunity launches and significant movements, especially in lower ranked companies.

June, 2018 Trends

Chloe and Isabel saw the most significant rise in June moving from #83 to #44 primarily based upon their rise in popularity.

Stella & Dot moved up from #52 to #34 with a rise in popularity and product interest.

Total Life Changes moved up from #45 to #35 based on increases in product purchases.

Touchstone Crystal made it into the top 100 for the first time in the month of June at position #100.

May, 2018 Trends

Young Living moved up to the number one spot in popularity. Mannatech and Kannaway also moved up significantly in popularity.

Rodan and Fields, Herbalife, and Avon continue to be among the most popular MLM companies.

Beachbody continues to dominate the product category with it on demand offering.

Essential oils continue to be a favorite product with both Young Living and doTerra remaining in the top 5 for their products and popularity.

Plexus Slim continues to rise and is now ranked #4 in the product category.

Perfectly Posh and 4life have risen into our top 25 based on solid showing in all of the categories.

Our Rankings

We use monthly searches, social media mentions, quarterly revenue, reputation, and the number of monthly sign-ups to ensure the accuracy of the MLM companies popularity score. Products are used and carefully evaluated, and the compensation plan is analyzed to calculate how soon you will realize a return on investment (ROI) and how quickly you can start earning significant income.

Our marketing experts evaluate the tools made available to you to help you sell and recruit and then assess your ability to succeed with the opportunity.

Why MLM?

Forbes said it best, “there is no downside to a side hustle.” Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time income, network marketing gives you the potential to make a lot of money by building a residual income stream. By leveraging the work of others (your downline), you don’t have to put in a vast number of hours to be successful.

To be successful in network marketing, it is imperative that you choose MLM companies that will attract customers and recruits. Our list will ensure that you are starting with companies that give you the best chance for success.

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#1 Mary Kay

Founder: Mary Kay Ash
CEO: David Holl
Product Category: Cosmetics

Fifty percent compensation. Wake up MLM companies! It’s important to pay your rank-and-file distributors generously! Your so-called “Leaders” or “Gurus” will do just fine with a smaller percentage of the total company commission payout because of the volumes they recruit.

OK, I’m off my rant.

Mary Kay’s compensation is in the top 5. their products are among the top ten, and their popularity is in the top twenty. They also have a charitable foundation that gives to scientific research to find a cure for cancers that affect women, and they donate to organizations that are working at ending domestic violence.

With top-notch products, great money making ability, and a business that gives money to great causes, you can be proud to sell for Mary Kay.

#2 Rodan and Fields

Founders: Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan
CEO: Diane Dietz
Product Category: Skin Care

A great product, an unbelievable number of monthly searches and social media mentions, and a decent compensation plan are the reasons Rodan and Fields is such a highly ranked MLM.

It is the company that invented the number one selling acne line, Proactiv. At times it appears that half of the women on Facebook are selling R+F products.

Bottom line, the products work great.

Retail commissions for Preferred customer are 16.5% and 10% on your level one recruits – the level payouts are called Consultant Commissions. You will have to sell or buy a minimum 100 SV (sales volume) to qualify to be paid any Consultant Commissions.

#3 Plexus

Founders: Peter Strandwitz, John Nussbaum
CEO: Dean A. Foate
Product Category: Weight Management

Over 300,000 monthly Google searches for “plexus,” over 74,000 monthly searches for the “Slim” pink drink product, thousands of reviews, and $310 million in global revenue annually show that Plexus is one of the more popular network marketing companies. Plexus Slim is a  powdered supplement that you mix with water and drink to burn calories and fat. The company also claims that Slim helps to achieve healthy cholesterol, lipid, and blood sugar levels.

Along with specific bonuses, starting sale commissions are 15%, and if you reach a high enough volume, they go up to 25%. Fifty percent of the company gross product volume go into four pools that are paid out for achieving various goals. All of this combined creates a pretty generous comp plan.

#4 Herbalife

Founder: Mark Hughes
CEO: Rich Goudis
Product Category: Nutritional

Herbalife is one of the world’s leading nutrition and weight management companies and the Formula 1 Nutrition Shake Mix is its flagship product. About 370,000 Google search each month for information about the company and over 18,000 searches per month for its Formula 1 Shake.

Members can purchase Herbalife products at a discount of 25% to 50% and then sell them for a profit, making this a great money-making opportunity.

Herbalife is once again featured in 2018 Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers for the third year in a row.

You can earn 17% wholesale commissions if you qualify with 500 Volume Point. If you don’t qualify, you will just get a discount on product between 25% and 42% which enables you to make retail profit.

#5 Younique

Founders: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft
CEO: Derek Maxfield
Product Category: Cosmetics

With hundreds of YouTube videos, over 200,000 monthly Google searches, highly pigmented products (a little goes a long way), and an easy to understand, reasonable compensation plan Younique is among the highest rated MLMs.

#6 It Works

Founder: Mark Pentecost
CEO: Mark Pentecost
Product Category: Lingerie & Shapewear

It Works Global offers professional quality shapewear and wellness products. With over 300,000 monthly searches and 169,000 Pinterest monthly viewers, It Works has a hugely viral product line.

Their flagship product is a body wrap that will firm up your stomach in 45 minutes. It really does work.

#7 Monat

Founders: Rayner Urdaneta, Luis Urdaneta
CEO: Rayner Urdaneta
Product Category: Hair & Skin Care

Since their launch in 2014 Monat has become the fastest growing hair care company in North America, and they receive 165,000 monthly Google searches. They are in the top 20 popular MLMs.

Monat has created unique products that have been carefully formulated to contain no harmful ingredients or chemicals. Thousands speak extremely highly of their hair products.

#8 Isagenix

Founders: John Anderson, Jim Coover, Kathy Coover
CEO: Travis Ogden
Product Category: Weight Management

Isagenix International LLC was launched in 2002  and sells wellness products and dietary supplements. Their products promote cleansing, blood sugar regularity, and weight loss. IsaLean Shakes is a meal replacement shake comprised of 24 grams of protein and 23 vitamins.

The term “Isagenix” is searched over 240,000 times per month, the company has over 330,000 Facebook likes, and over 3,000 social site mentions per day. These stats factor in our evaluation that Isagenix is one of the top 20 most popular MLM companies.

#9 Advocare

Founder: Charles E. Ragus
CEO: Brian Connolly
Product Category: Weight Management

Advocare is a dietary and nutritional supplement company headquartered in Plano, Texas. Their flagship product is the Advocare 24-Day Challenge which is designed to take you to your optimal weight and health in 24 days by using a variety of their products.

Several star athletes speak for the company which has helped them gain in popularity. There are over 240,000 Google searches for the company name, their Facebook page has over 460,000 likes, and over 7,000 people are talking about Advocare on social media every day.

#10 Beachbody

Founders: Carl Daikeler, Jon Congdon
CEO: Carl Daikeler
Product Category: Fitness

For several years Beachbody has been one of the biggest names in fitness, and many people still swear by the P90X product and will get any new video that Beachbody puts out. Now you can get Beachbody on demand, a streaming service that contains all of the dozens of workouts for a low monthly price. Their on demand product has almost twice the sales as its closest competitor.

There are over 300,000 searches for Beachbody every month, and after all these years there are still over 60,000 monthly searched for the P90X product. There’s no doubt that Beachbody is extremely popular.

In order to earn wholesale commissions (Beachbody calls them Team Cycle Bonuses) you need to acquire 300 TV points (Team Volume), which is accumulated from your entire downline. The structure is a binary and you must have 200 points in one leg and 100 in another.

You also need to have achieved the rank of Emerald to receive these Team Cycle Bonuses. To achieve Emerald you have to sponsor two coaches.

One you achieve these qualifications, you get a commission of a whole whopping $14 (they pay $14 per 100 TV on the weak leg.) This equate to a 4.6% base wholesale commission.

At least they have a 25% retail commission on a great product. Otherwise, their commission structure would rank near the bottom.

#11 Scentsy

Founders: Kara Egan, Colette Gunnell
CEO: Orville Thompson
Product Category: Candles & Warmers

Officially launching in 2004, Scentsy sells scented and wickless candles housed in decorative ceramic warmers, body fragrances, and laundry products. The company has 200,000 independent consultants worldwide. Facebook shows an astounding 1,122,187 Scentsy likes, over 14,000 social media conversations per day, and there is an average of 246,000 Google searches each month.

#12 Melaleuca

Founder: Frank L. Vandersloot
CEO: Frank L. Vandersloot
Product Category: Nutritional

Extracted from the leaves of the Australia tea tree, Melaleuca oil is used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and as a cleanser! By incorporating this oil, the company produces hundreds of different products for use in the home. Melaleuca sells nutrition products, cleaning products, cosmetics and personal care items through their vast network of distributors.

Melaleuca celebrated hitting $2 billion in sales on December 27, 2017, which is just one testament to its popularity. The company is searched for over 200,000 times each month and over 200,000 Facebook likes.

#13 Avon

Founders: David H. McConnell
CEO: Sheri McCoy
Product Categories: Skin Care, Cosmetics

Door-to-door salesman David H. McConnell started Avon in 1886, and the company now sells cosmetics, perfume, household, and personal care products. Avon has more than 33,000 associates and annual revenue over 6 billion dollars. They donate more than $957 million a year to causes that are important to women.

The typical active representative can earn 20 to 50 percent commission on personal product sales, depending on sales volume. You can make up to 13% additional on team sales through recruiting and training new representatives.

#14 LegalShield

Founders: Harland Stonecipher
CEO: Jeff Bell
Product Catergory: Legal Services

LegalShield offers prepaid legal services for individuals and businesses from more than 7,000 attorneys in the United States and Canada. The company also has identity theft services as well.

The base commission is 20% per month, and that increases as you advance in rank.

#15 Arbonne

Founder: Petter Mørck
CEO: Kay Napier Zanotti
Product Category: Skin Care

Arbonne was founded in 1975 by Petter Mørck who brought together a distinguished team of chemists and herbalists. The categories of Arbonne products include hair and skin moisturizers, nutritional, and cosmetics. Their products are continually acclaimed for producing exceptional results.

The company has over 300,000 Facebook likes, and over 6,000 social media conversations are had on average each day.

#16 Primerica

Founder: Arthur L. Williams Jr.
CEO: Glenn J. Williams
Product Category: Financial Services

Primerica sells insurance and investment services, and the company recommends buying less expensive term life insurance instead of costly whole life policy and investing the difference, a solid strategy.

Primerica has a solid financial strength rating. With 165,000 Google searches per month and over 100,000 Facebook likes they are among the 20 most popular Network Marketing companies.

#17 Tupperware

Founder: Earl Tupper
CEO: Rick Goings
Product Category: Housewares

Featuring clean, neat, and practical storage and organization systems, Tupperware has been in business for 70 years. Earl Tupper patented the seal that made the containers airtight, yet it should be noted that Brownie Wise started her own Tupperware-selling business, Patio Parties, in the late 1940s, and she recruited other women to sell for her, thus beginning the marketing strategy that the company adopted.

#18 Pampered Chef

Founder: Doris Christopher
CEO: Tracy Britt Cool
Product Categories: Cookware; Houseware

Pampered Chef creates and sells cookware and kitchen accessories that have a lifetime guarantee. Pampered Chef has more than 40,000 consultants selling all kinds of cookware imaginable, especially kitchen gadgets.

If you like to cook, the best part of Pampered Chef is you get to prepare a meal for people and demonstrate how to use the knives and gadgets. Consultants earn commissions based on the difference between wholesale price and the price that they sell products. The host or hostess of parties can choose products based on the number of sales made.

#19 Amway

Founders: Richard DeVos, Jay Van Andel
CEO: Doug DeVos
Product Categories: Home; Health & Beauty

More than 50 years after they launched Amway is still going strong, It pays the highest total dollar amount in commissions of any network marketing company on the planet.

Of the MLM companies that exist, Amway has the most extensive product lines in the world.  Their products range from nutrition supplements to air purifiers and, of course, laundry detergents.

#20 Young Living

Founders: Donald Gary Young
CEO: Mary Young
Product Category: Essential Oils

Young Living vs. doTerra; the debate goes on. At 550,000 Google searches per month, Young Living rides roughshod over its competition in popularity. Their sales are slightly better than the competitions; therefore they rank a couple of points better in the product category.

The compensation plan plunges the company down in rankings. Base commissions at 8%, really? You “may earn” 24% difference between wholesale and retail, as quoted from their compensation plan. You can get a 25% Fast Start Bonus – for just three months. To get a $25 starter kit bonus, your enrollees have to buy the Premium Starter Kit for $160. That equates out to a possible 15.6% commission.

Young Living, why not pay out a generous base commission that doesn’t expire after three months? Please?

#21 Ambit Energy

Founders: Jere W. Thompson Jr, Chris Chambless
CEO: Jere W. Thompson Jr.
Product Category: Electricity and Natural Gas Services

Ambit Energy serves electricity and natural gas to more than 1.4 million customers. They offer loyalty rewards and the opportunity to earn Free Energy. More than 250,000 people have signed up to become Independent Consultants for Ambit Energy.

#22 Le-vel

Founders: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette
CEO: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette
Product Category: Nutritional

#23 Origami Owl

Founders: Isabella Weems, Christian Weems
CEO: Brett Blake
Product Category: Jewelry

Origami Owl was founded in 2010 by 14-year old Isabella because she wanted to buy a car, so she started selling lockets to friends and family. Today, thousands of Independent Designers introduce people to Origami Owl’s customizable jewelry.

The main reason Origami Owl is in this high of a position is that they have a vast social media presence. Thousands of people have online conversations every day about the products. As long as that continues, Origami Owl will be a force among MLM companies.

#24 LimeLight by Alcone

Founders: Michele Gay & Madison Mallardi
CEO: Michele Gay
Product Category: Skin Care, Cosmetics

The parent company, Alcone, was started in 1952 to provide makeup for film and stage. LimeLight was launched in 2015 as a Direct Sales division.

#25 Usana

Usana Health Sciences founder, Myron Wentz, is an internationally recognized microbiologist. Usana offers various nutritional products and dietary supplements that use a proprietary formula based on research the company has done. The product line has very favorable reviews by its users.

#26 Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh was founded upon the belief that each of us deserves a little bit of pampering. Their line of exclusive soaps, skin creams, and body scrubs, made with all natural ingredients, are beneficial for your skin.

#27 Nerium

Founders: Jeff Olson, Amber Olson Rourke, Renee Olson
CEO: Jeff Olson
Product Categories: Skincare; Nutritional

Launched in 2011 Nerium is the first direct-selling skincare company to surpass one hundred million dollars in sales during its first year of operation. Nerium International products are clinically proven, independently tested, and formulated to target and reverse the most common signs of aging. They continue to shatter sales records in the MLM arena even though they have only developed three products.

#28 Premier Designs

Joan and Andy Horner founded the direct sales company Premier Designs in 1985 to sell jewelry ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. They pay 50% commissions on your sales and 10% on three levels of sales for your first year.

#29 Nu Skin

Founders: Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie N. Tillotson, Nedra Roney
CEO: Ritch N. Wood
Product Categories: Skincare; Nutritional

Nu Skin is a Utah-based company that offers several lines of premium skin care products, nutritional supplements, and hundreds of various other products.  Nu Skin company is renowned for having a unique and compelling business opportunity.

#30 Stampin Up

Founders: Shelli Gardner & LaVonne Crosby
CEO: Sara Douglass
Product Category: Stamps

Stampin Up offers a range of rubber and photopolymer stamps as well as related accessories to design greeting cards, gift wrap, scrapbooks, and anything else you might want to decorate. The company has tens of thousands of affiliates across the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Affiliates make a retail commission between 20% and 33% based on volume. Wholesale commissions go up as sales and recruitment increase. The first level pay is between 3% and 6.5%, 2nd level is between 2.5% and 5.5%, and 3rd level is between 1% and 3.5%. There are also bonuses based on sales volume.

#31 4life

Transfer factors were discovered in 1949 by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, and there have been a few scientific studies that have shown their benefits to promote health and wellness. 4life claims that transfer factors work by boosting your immune cells that help fight off infection.

The 4life broke into the top 25 list because of the intense buzz surrounding the company on social media sites. Buzz does create excitement and sales.

#32 Juice Plus+

Founders: Mark A. LeDoux
CEO: Mark A. LeDoux
Product Category: Nutritional

Juice Plus+ seeks to promote good health through its nutritional supplements made from fruits and vegetables. The company claims that its products support a healthy immune system and improve cardiovascular wellness.

Juice Plus+ has 607,000 Facebook likes.

#33 Jeunesse

Year started: 2009
Founders: Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis
CEO: Randy Ray
Product Category: Nutritional; Skincare

#34 Stella & Dot

Year started: 2004
Founders: Jessica Herrin, Blythe Harris
CEO: Jessica Herrin
Product Categories: Jewelry; Clothing; Accessories

#35 Total Life Changes

Founders: Jack Fallon, John Licari
CEO: Jack Fallon
Product Category: Nutritional and Skincare

Total Life Changes (TLC) was founded in 1999 and sells their products in over 140 countries. Their products range from nutritional liquids to skin care products with the flagship product being Laso Tea which contains nine beneficial ingredients.

The compensation plan is reasonably generous. Retail commissions are up to 50%, and the Fast Start Bonus is 50% on only the first order. Subsequent product purchases are paid commissions through a binary commission structure. The binary pays on the weak leg, which downgrades the commission ranking we give.

#36 doTerra

Founder: David Stirling
CEO: David Stirling
Product Category: Essential Oils

doTerra, the largest essential oil company in the world focuses on making a pure and potent product as well as educating the world as to how and why the products work, and how to use them.

The word “doterra” has over 350,000 searches per month. This statistic alone testifies to the popularity of the company.

Let’s talk compensation. 2% commission on level one. Is this a joke? Unfortunately, no it’s not. You can earn a 20% Fast Start Bonus – for just two months from the time you join.

doTerra, toss your Power of Three bonus, with all its difficult qualifications, and actually pay your new Wellness Advocates a decent commission.

#37 Motor Club of America

Year started: 1926
Founders: William W. Green
CEO: David Kircher
Product Category: Automotive Services; Legal Services
Compensation Plan: Forced Matrix

#38 Youngevity

Founders: Joel D. Wallach, Ma Lan,
CEO: Steve Wallach
Product Category: Nutritional

#39 Jamberry Nails

Founders: Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth, Keri Evans
CEO: Elizabeth Thibaudeau
Product Category: Cosmetics

Jamberry Nails offers more than 300 styles of proprietary flexible nail wraps in a variety of patterns and colors. The nail wraps are pressure and heat activated and the fingernails last for two weeks, and the toenails will last four weeks.

Online searches for the word “Jamberry” total over 245,000 per month and 350,659 people follow the company on Facebook.

#40 Natures Sunshine

Year started: 1972
Founders: Gene Hughes, Kristine Hughes
CEO: Gregory L. Probert
Product Category: Nutritional

#41 Xyngular

Founders: Marc Walker
CEO: Russ Fletcher
Products: Nutritional

#42 World Ventures

Year started: 2005Founders: Mike Azcue, Wayne Nugent
CEO: Josh Paine
Product Category: Discounts & Savings

#43 Princess House

Year started: 1963
Founder: Charles Collis
CEO: Connie Tang
Product Categories: Cookware; Housewares

#44 ACN

Year started: 1993
Founders: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, Tony Cupisz
CEO: Greg Provenzano
Product Category: Electricity & Natural Gas

#45 Forever Living

Year started: 1978
Founders: Rex Maughan, Carl Jensen
CEO: Rex Maughan
Product Category: Cosmetics

#46 SeneGence

Year started:

#47 Mannatech

Year started: 1993
Founders: Samuel L. Caster
CEO: Alfredo Bala
Product Categories: Nutritional; Skincare

#48 Modere

Year started: 1987
Founders: Thomas Mower, Leslie D. Mower
CEO: Ashma Ishaq
Product Category: Nutritional; Skin Care

#49 Shaklee

Year started: 1956
Founders: Forrest Shaklee
CEO: Roger Barnett
Product Category: Nutritional

#50 Kyani

Year started: 2007
Founders: Dick Powell, Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor
CEO: Michael Breshears
Product Categories: Nutritional; Skincare

#51 iMarketsLive

Year started: 2013
Founders: Christopher Terry, Isis De La Torre
CEO: Christopher Terry
Product Categories: Education; Internet Marketing

#52 Pruvit

Founders: Terry Lacore, Chris Harding and Brian Underwood
CEO: Brian Underwood
Product Category: Nutritional

#53 Asea

Year started: 2009
Founders: Verdis Norton, Tyler Norton,
CEO: Charles F. Funke
Product Categories: Nutritional; Skincare

#54 Seacret

Year started: 2005
Founders: Izhak Ben Shabat, Mordechai Ben Shabat, Betty Perez, Elad Gotlib
CEO: Izhak Ben Shabat
Product Category: Skincare

#55 Vida Divina

Year started: 2016
Founders: Armand Puyolt
CEO: Armand Puyolt
Product Category: Nutritional

#56 Wealthy Affiliate

Year started: 2005
Founders: Kyle Loudon, Carson Lim
CEO: Kyle Loudon
Product Category: Internet Marketing

#57 PartyLite

Year started: 1973
Founders: Mabel Baker
CEO: Harry Slatkin
Product Categories: Candles & Warmers; Home Products

#58 Ariix

Year started: 2011
Founders: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Wenhan Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler
CEO: Fred Cooper
Product Categories: Nutritional; Essential Oils; Water & Air Filters

#59 World Global Network

Year started: 2011
Founders: Alessandro Senatore, Alfonso Galdi
CEO: Fabio Galdi
Product Category: Fitness

#60 Team National

Year started: 1999
Founders: Dick Loehr
CEO: Angela Loehr Chrysler
Product Category: Discounts & Savings

#61 Thirty One Gifts

Year started: 2003
Founders: Cindy Monroe
CEO: Cindy Monroe
Product Category: Fashion Accessories

#62 Chloe and Isabel

Year started: 2010
Founders: Chantel Waterbury
CEO: Chantel Waterbury
Product Category: Jewelry

#63 Valentus

Year started: 2014
Founders: Dave Jordan
CEO: Dave Jordan
Product Categories: Nutritional; Weight Management
Compensation Plan: Binary

Valentus offers nutritional and weight loss powders that you mix with water. The products are made from natural ingredients.

Valentus pays a 25% commission on retail sales. They pay a Fast Start Bonus on a new Independent Representative’s first order of 33% on the $59.95 Basic Package, 30% on the $129.95 Starter Package, 30% on the $199.95 Advanced Package, and 20% on the $499.95 Business Builder Package. They pay a Legacy commission of $100 on the $499 Business Builders Pack if you buy the pack, which means the commission goes up to 40% on the Business Builder Package.

The Binary pays out on both sides which they call Dual Team Commissions. One side pays $20 every time 100 points (BV) are reached; the other pays every time 200 points are reached.

#64 Send Out Cards

Year started: 2003
Founders: Kody Batemon
CEO: Kody Batemon
Product Category: Marketing

#65 Yoli

Year started: 2009
Founders: Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones
CEO: Robby Fender
Products: Nutritional

#66 Purium

Year started: 1993
Founders: David Sandoval, Amy Venner-Hamdi
CEO: Amy Venner-Hamdi
Product Category: Nutritional

#67 OmniLife

Year started: 1991
Founders: Jorge Vergana
CEO: Jose Luis Higuera
Product Category: Nutritional

#68 LifeVantage

Founders: ?
CEO: Darren Jensen
Product Category: Nutritional

#69 Vasayo

Year started: 2016
Founders: Dallin A. Larsen, Karree Larsen, Dan Zhu, Daniel Picou
CEO: Dallin A. Larsen
Product Category: Nutritional

#70 TruVision Health

Year started: 2014
Founders: Shawn Gibson, David Brown, Derek Bailey
CEO: Travis Martin
Product Categories: Nutritional; Weight Management

#71 Zija International

Year started: 2005
Founders: Ken Brailsford
CEO: Ken Brailsford
Products: Nutritional; Essential Oils, Hair & Skin Care

#72 Trevo

Year started: 2010
Founders: Mark A. Stevens, Holli Stevens
CEO: Mark A. Stevens
Product Category: Nutritional

#73 Market America

Year started: 1992
Founders: JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger
CEO: JR Ridinger
Product Category: Shopping

#74 Enagic

Year started: 1974
Founders: Hironari Oshiro
CEO: Hironari Oshiro
Product Categories: Water Filters

#75 ViSalus

Year started: 2005
Founders: Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola
CEO: Ryan Blair
Product Category: Nutritional

#76 National Wealth Center

Year started: 2009
Founders: Peter Wolfing
CEO: Peter Wolfing
Product Category: Education

#77 Kannaway

Year started: 2014
Founders: Troy Nihart
CEO: Blake Schroeder
Product Categories: Nutritional

#78 Financial Education Services

Year started: 2005
Founders: Parimal Naik, Mike Toloff
CEO: Parimal Naik
Product Category: Legal & Financial; Education

#79 Easy 1 Up

Year started: 2016
Founders: Peter Wolfing
CEO: Peter Wolfing
Product Category: Internet Marketing; Education

#80 IDlife

Year started: 2014
Founders: Logan Stout
CEO: Logan Stout
Product Category: Nutritional

#81 Life Leadership

Year started: 2011
Founders: Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins
CEO: Chris Brady
Product Categories: Financial Services, Education

#82 TraVerus

Year started: 2014
Founders: David Manning
CEO: David Manning
Product Category: Vacation Services
Compensation Plan: Matrix

Paycation is now TraVerus Global, a company that offers travel and destination services. You earn commissions when people buy a package and when they book travel.

You will make $50 for the first 3 “Certified Travel Consultants” you recruit, after that you will make $70 for each recruit. Also, after the third recruit you will make $20 from each of your additional recruit’s downline. These commissions are called “Coded Bonuses.”

#83 Ardyss International

Year started: 1990
Founders: Antonio Diaz DeLeon
CEO: Dr. Deborah LeBlanc
Product Category: Lingerie & Shapewear

#84 Sunrider

Year started: 1982
Founders: Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Dr. Oi-Len Chen
CEO: Dr. Oi-Len Chen (President)
Products: Weight Management

#85 Unicity

Year started: 1972
Founders: Royal Numico
CEO: Stewart Hughes
Product Category: Nutritional

#86 Talk Fusion

Year started: 2007
Founders: Bob Reina
CEO: Bob Reina
Product Category: Marketing Services

#87 Javita

Year started: 2011
Founders: Stan Cherelstein
CEO: Stan Cherelstein
Product Category: Weight Management

#88 Sabika Jewelry

Year started: 2001
Founders: Karin Mayr
CEO: Karin Mayr
Product Category: Jewelry

#89 Organo Gold

Year started: 2008
Founders: Bernardo Chua
CEO: Bernardo Chua
Product Category: Nutritional; Weight Management; Skin Care

#90 Visi Global

Year started: 2012
Founders: Kent Lewis, Ryan Lewis
CEO: Kent Lewis
Product Categories: Nutritional; Skincare

#91 Nikken

Year started: 1988
Founder: Isamu Masuda
CEO: Kurt Fulle
Product Category: Nutritional; Hair & Skin Care; Air Filter

#92 Morinda

Year started: 1996
Founders: John Wadsworth, Kim Asay, Stephen Story, Kelly Olsen, Kerry Asay
CEO: Kerry Asay
Products: Nutritional; Essential Oils; Skincare

#93 Vorwerk

Year started: 1883
Founders: Adolf Vorwerk, Carl Vorwerk
Managing Partners: Frank van Oers, Reiner Strecker and Rainer Christian Genes
Product Category: Housewares

#94 Rain International

Year started: 2009
Founders: Byron Belka
CEO: Byron Belka
Product Category: Nutritional

#95 Forever Green

Year started: 2004
Founders: Ron Williams
CEO: Rick Redford
Product Category: Nutritional

#96 GVO

Year started: 1999
Founders: Joel Therien
CEO: Joel Therien
Product Category: Internet Marketing

#97 Max International

Year started: 2007
Founders: Steven Scott
CEO: Joe Voyticky
Product Category: Nutritional

#98 Sisel International

Year started: 2006
Founders: Tom Mower Sr, Tom Mower Jr
CEO: Tom Mower Jr.
Products: Nutritional; Skincare

#99 My Lead System Pro

Year started: 2008
Founders: Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer
CEO: Todd Schlomer
Product Category: Education

#100 Touchstone Crystal

Year started: 1977
Founder: Swarovski
Managing Director: Liz DiPaolo
Product Category: Jewelry

Honorable Mention


Year started: 2008
Founders: Bill Farley
CEO: Bill Farley
Products: Nutritional; Skincare

Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields has many glowing reviews from consumers on the internet and their products have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Allure, New Beauty and Vogue. Consultants can earn significant commission through the companies direct selling model.


Brother and sister Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft founded the cosmetic company Younique in September 2012. According to the Younique website, their mission is “to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe.” They state that they firmly believe “that all women should feel valued, smart, and empowered through opportunities for personal growth and financial […]

Monat Reviews

In the following Monat reviews, we will break down the company by its popularity, products, compensation plan, and your ability to succeed as a distributor or, as they call the position, a  “Market Partner”. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the company. Year started: 2014 Founders: Rayner Urdaneta, Luis Urdaneta CEO: Rayner Urdaneta […]

Beachbody on Demand Reviews

Beachbody on Demand Reviews – Beachbody is based in Santa Monica, California and is the company behind several of the exercise programs seen on infomercials. Now you can have unlimited access to every single Beachbody workout program and the instructional materials with the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Pass.

Herbalife Shakes

Herbalife Shake Reviews Herbalife’s Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake mix is one of the core herbalife weight loss products, and it is marketed as part of their weight-loss program. The shake mix is primarily a soy-based protein, which comes in 10 different flavors. They also offer three versions of the vanilla flavor: kosher, non-GMO, […]

Advocare Reviews

AdvoCare reviews are all over the internet that seem to be overly critical or overly gushing. We will objectively examine the Advocare company, its popularity, products, compensation plan, and evaluate your ability to succeed as a distributor for the company.

Jamberry Nails Review

Jamberry Nails was started by three sister who wanted to allow customers to easily and quickly decorate their own nails at a fraction of the cost of a nail salon. Jamberry Nails are high quality, long-lasting vinyl nails that come in over 300 styles and colors.

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef specializes in creating and selling cookware and kitchen accessories that reflect founder Doris Christopher’s belief that quick tips and powerful tools can fuel a faster, no-fuss cooking experience.

It Works Reviews

It Works was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Bradenton Florida. They are on track to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Plexus Reviews

Plexus Worldwide, headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona, is a health and wellness company that
has had tremendous growth since its founding in 2006. The company first started out with products to aid in breast health and not long after these became successful, they developed the Plexus Slim drink.

dōTERRA Oils Reviews

Welcome to the doterra essential oils reviews. Discover details about the company, the dōTERRA products, the best dōTERRA oils, dōTERRA oil uses, the compensation plan, and your ability to succeed with the opportunity.

National Wealth Center

National Wealth Center is a global multi-level marketing company with a range of products such as self development, wealth management, fitness, and various business and wealth development products. They offer an 100% affiliate commission on their products.

Young Living

Young Living is a company based in Lehi, Utah that is world-renowned for its essential oils, oil-enhanced nutritional supplements,skincare products and preparations for the home.


Herbalife® is a global nutrition company that sells high-quality, science-backed products, most of which are produced in company facilities. Herbalife is one of the world’s leading nutrition and weight management companies today that offers its independent distributors one-on-one coaching, and a supportive community approach that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Financial Education Services – A Comprehensive Review

Read Financial Education Services reviews from MLM experts and current distributors that look at the companies popularity, products, and compensation plan. We also explore the marketing tools available to promote this opportunity. We compile this information and then evaluate if your ability to succeed financially justifies joining the business.

Scentsy Scents

In these helpful Scentsy reviews, our authors and website visitors will evaluate the company and its merchandise based on popularity, products, compensation, and your ability to succeed. Year started: 2003 Founders: Kara Egan, Colette Gunnell CEO: Orville Thompson The company founder asserts that he was inspired to create Scentsy because of the joy he witnessed […]

Amway Reviews

Amway is a direct selling company that offers a huge line of products using a network of over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs). This global company has branches located in over 80 countries and fast growing markets in the countries of China, Russia and India.

Isagenix Reviews

Isagenix offers nutritional cleansing products formulated by an experienced team led by Master Formulator John Anderson. Products include nutritional cleansing, nutritional supplements, weight loss products and skin care.

Four Corners Alliance Group

Four Corners Alliance Group provides a legal and ethical wealth creation platform. The mission in Four Corners Alliance Group is to provide a safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built – FAST!