In these helpful Scentsy reviews, our authors and website visitors will evaluate the company and its merchandise based on popularity, products, compensation, and your ability to succeed.

Year started: 2003
Founders: Kara Egan, Colette Gunnell
CEO: Orville Thompson

The company founder asserts that he was inspired to create Scentsy because of the joy he witnessed in his wife and her friends when they were sitting around a table at home smelling candles and chatting about memories of scents. Scents definitely do cause warm remembrances.

Scentsy officially launched in 2004 with it’s main headquarter and manufacturing facility is in Meridian, Idaho. It’s distribution sites are in Meridian Idaho, Lexington Kentucky, Coppell Texas, and Warsaw, Poland. The Scentsy product line is sold in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Australia, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

The company’s flagship products are scented and wickless candles housed in decorative ceramic warmers, body fragrances, and laundry products mainly sold through in-home parties. The company also offers plush animals for children called Scentsy Buddies.


Scentsy has over 1000 employees and over 200,000 independent consultants world wide. There is an average of 246,000 Google searches each month for the word Scentsy. That is a great deal of people wanting information about the company and the Scentsy products. The Scentsy Facebook page has 1,122,187 likes and over 16,000 people are currently chatting online about their products.

The conclusion must be that Scentsy is exceptionally popular.


The company is very product-driven, demonstrated by the fact that you can find hundreds of different designs and scents to choose from such as blueberry cheesecake, sticky cinnamon bun, sweet pea, and welcome home. Scentsy warmers come in all different kinds of sizes and designs that you can’t get anywhere else. The low powered bulb underneath the warmer heats up the wax and creates a scent that is long lasting and works in any size room. There is a warmer designed for every person with any interest, or taste, or any home decor.

There are thousands more Scentsy products. Categories include:

Scentsy Products for the Home

• Scentsy Light Bulbs
• Diffusers
• Make a Scene Warmer
• Scentsy Candles
• Tabletop Night Light Bases
• Warmers
• Warmer Accessories
• Scentsy Wax
• Scent Storage Boxes

Scented Scentsy Products
• Bars
• Car Bars
• Natural & Essential Oil
• Room Sprays
• Scent Circles
• Scent Paks
• Travel Tins

Scentsy Cleansers
• Counter Clean
• Hand Soap
• Kitchen Soap
• Scentsy Fresh

Scentsy for the Laundry
• Clothing Conditioner
• Dryer Disks
• Laundry Liquid
• Washer Whiffs

Scentsy Skin Products
• Find Fragrance Roller
• Velvet Hand Cream
• Whipped Body Souffle
• Moisturizing Body Bar

Scentsy Grooming Products
• Cream Shave Soap
• Refreshing Face Balm
• Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar
• Nourishing Skin Conditioner

Scentsy for Kids
• Scentsy Sidekicks
• Bath Smoothie
• Scrubby Buddies
• Buddy Clips
• Kids Warmers
• Kids Scentsy Bars
• Kids Scent Paks
• Buddies
• Kids Diffusers
• Kids 100% Natural Oils

Compensation Plan

Retail profit is 20% and it increases to 25% once you’ve had approximately $1,000 of sales.

Group wholesale volume commission is 2% on each active 1st. level consultant that you recruit as well as 2% in bonuses.

You earn higher team commissions as you Increase in ranks.


Ability to Succeed

Scentsy Consultants build their Scentsy Scent Business by way of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo Adwords, and other internet marketing strategies. Some consultants build their business locally by hosting parties, joining craft fairs, and getting booths at home and wedding shows.