National Wealth Center

National Wealth Center is a global multi-level marketing company with a range of products such as self development, wealth management, fitness, business, and wealth development products. They offer an 100% affiliate commission on their products.

Year started: 2009
Founders: Peter Wolfing
CEO: Peter Wolfing


NWC (National Wealth Center) was founded by Peter Wolfing (CEO) who has been in the network marketing industry since the early 90’s. National Wealth offers six products that provide you with information that you need to improve various aspects of your life. NWC also offers a free money savings membership package.



The National Wealth Center program has been popular, stable, dependable, and a reliable income source for 4 years. NWC has many great reviews from consumers on many websites and their compensation plan is often recognized as one of the best for residual income.

There are 1,000 Google searches per month on average for the phrase National Wealth Center. Tens of thousands of people have viewed the many NWC Youtube videos.


The National Wealth Center product line is a robust on-demand library of digital education and empowerment products. Improve your relationships, self awareness, business skills, financial position, and so much more.

Below are the National Wealth Center Products by course…

25 – Self Development
50 – Fitness Advantage
100 – Digital Entrepreneur
250 – Relationship Edge
1000 – Wealth Advantage
3500 – Network Marketing Edge
7500 – The Vault

With NWC, not only can you enrich your life with their products, but you can share these products with others and generate a part-time or full-time income from the comfort of your own home.

National Wealth Center also has a Savings Platform (included for free) where you will save up to 50% on things you buy everyday. With a nationwide-network of over 300,000 discounts, and a companion mobile app with 125,000+ show-and-save coupons you can use again and again, you’ll never miss a chance to save at thousands of name brands, online and in-store.

Compensation Plan

You will earn 100% commissions paid directly to you on everyone you sponsor after your 4th recruit. You also earn 100% commissions on your 1st and 3rd recruits.

This system operates on a model where you recruit 4 people and give away recruits 2 and 4 to your sponsor. You only give these 2 recruits to your sponsor and no more. You will make 100% commissions on the 2nd and 4th recruits that all of your recruits sponsor because these pass up to you.

There are no ranks or monthly buying commitments in NWC beyond $25 per month to be in this business and stay active. Watch the video below to learn all of the details of the comp plan.



The Self Development Product Package costs $25 per month and there is an administration fee of $19.95 per month for a complete duplicable platform.

Ability to Succeed

National Wealth Center offers advise to start and build your business. Watch the video below to learn more.