In the following Monat reviews, we will break down the company by its popularity, products, compensation plan, and your ability to succeed as a distributor or, as they call the position, a  “Market Partner”. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the company.

Year started: 2014
Founders: Rayner Urdaneta, Luis Urdaneta
CEO: Rayner Urdaneta

Since their launch in 2014 Monat has become the fastest growing hair care company in North America. Within one year of launch, Monat was already raking in $25 million in sales.

Monat, which stands for Modern Nature, is headquartered in Miami, Florida. The management team consists of their founder Luis Urdaneta as Chairman, his son Rayner Urdaneta is the CEO, and Stuart A. MacMillan is the company’s President. Below are the remaining members of the executive team.

Thomas Hoolihan – SVP and Chief Legal Officer
Linda Lucas Padilla – SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
John Leitsch – SVP and Chief Information Officer
Javier Urdaneta – Chief of Staff
Chris Reshotkin – Chief Financial Officer
Jamie S. Ross – SVP, Research & Development
Natalie Johns – VP of Sales
Julie Garrison – VP of Commissions

Monat sells its products using a direct sales model through thousands of Market Partners, many of whom are stay at home moms or new entrepreneurs. Monat has sold over 14 million units in the United States alone.

When they broke into the Direct Selling Top 100 companies in the WORLD at #52 they were the fastest growing company in the world! Their sales increased from $41 million in 2016, when they won the 2016 Gold Stevie award for Startup of the Year, to $200 million in 2017, a 500% increase.


The product line that Monat offers is quite extensive, it includes:

Scalp Rejuvenation Oils
Hair Rejuvenating Vitamins/Supplements

Monat has created unique products that have been carefully formulated to contain no harmful ingredients or chemicals. These products only include ingredients that have been tried, tested, and used in the cosmetics industry and that have been found to be safe for consumer use by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).

Capixyl is an essential ingredient in Monat products, and it works by cutting down scalp inflammation which stimulates the natural growth of your hair.
It also thickens and strengthens your hair.

Procataline, another key ingredient, fights premature hair thinning by boosting hair growth while protecting color and shine.

A few examples of Monat products:

Monat Renew Shampoo
Renew shampoo increases hair brilliance, strength, and vitality. The shampoo is salt and sulfate-free gentle hydrating cleanser. It deeply penetrates and moisturizes the scalp which boosts the natural growth of hair and improves follicle strength. Monat Renew Shampoo also assists the restoration of your hair’s youthful vitality by adding essential moisture back into it. This shampoo is safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair.

Monat Smoothing Deep Conditioner
Smoothing Deep Conditioner works on all hair types to control frizz, nourish, and add shine. It is gentle enough for daily use and does not weigh hair down. It restores softness and is free of Paraben, Lanolin, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, and Nickel which are common allergens found in similar products.

Monat Intense Repair Treatment
An intense, daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair that is safe to use on all hair whether its natural, colored, chemically treated, or has extensions.
This repairing treatment helps stimulate the scalp and boost the natural growth of thicker and fuller-looking hair while improving follicle strength.
Its blend of Red Clover Flower Extract, essential vitamins and active nutrients helps counteract the formation of DHT and reduces scalp inflammation, which are all factors that may contribute to hair thinning.  The product is free of the most common allergy-causing ingredients.

They also have a treatment system dedicated entirely to men
It’s called the Monat Black system

Compensation Plan

The cost of joining Monat Global is $99, and you’ll receive the Monat Product Pack, which includes training and marketing materials, and all sorts of product samples.

With Monat, you get commissions paid weekly as well as bonuses paid out in the middle of each month. How much money can you expect to earn with Monat? Read below to find out.

VIP customers
You earn a 15% commission from all sales made to retail customers who buy from you or your company replicated website.

VIP Customers are retail customers that have signed up for the VIP program, which puts them on a recurring monthly auto-ship for their favorite products. You’ll earn a 15% commission on their monthly purchases as well as various bonuses.

Smart Start
Once you purchase your Monat Market Partner product pack, you will start your Smart Start Bonus period. During this time, which includes the month you enroll plus the next two months, you can earn additional bonuses.

For each Monat “Market Partner” you enroll with a $299 product pack you receive a $100 bonus.

Enroll 4 VIP customers and receive a $60 bonus.

Create a “Block” of 4 VIP customers & 1 Monat Market Partner and receive a $150 bonus.

Build 3 “Blocks,” or 12 VIP customers & 3 Monat Market Partners and receive a $500 bonus.

Retail Commission Payout

By selling any dollar amount of Monat products, you begin by earning 30% commissions. You can raise the percentage you receive by meeting the following qualifications:

•    Generate $1,000 Personal Volume (PV) per month = 33% retail commission rate.

•    Generate $2,000 PV a month = 35% retail commission rate.

•    Generate $3,500 PV a month = 40% retail commission rate.

Advancement Bonuses
As you make sales and sign up new Market Partners on your team, you rank to higher titles along with a growing commission rate. If your sponsored Market Partner purchases a product pack, you receive an advancement bonus of 150$ to 500$ depending on what package they chose. Your bonuses also depend on how many Marketing Partners you sign up, and if they remain active. You achieve a rank every month (your rank resets each month), as your recruits remain active it will help you achieve your title again the next month to maintain your higher commission rates.

With each higher rank you attain, you receive a special bonus and your commission rate grows and your earn higher commissions.

Monat Global Ranks

•     Marketing Partner

•    Managing Marketing Partner

•    Associate Market Builder

•    Market Builder

•    Managing Market Builder

•    Associate Market Mentor

•    Market Mentor

•    Managing Market Mentor

•    Associate Executive Director

•    Executive Director

•    Senior Executive Director

Direct Recruitment Commissions

By sponsoring someone who buys a Business Product Pack, you earn a $100 commission.

If you Sponsor someone who buys a Success Product Pack, you earn a $120 commission

If you Sponsor someone who buys an Overachiever Product Pack, you earn a $220 commission

Residual Commissions

As a Monat Marketing Partner you receive commissions in a uni-level structure and can earn the following:

•    A Partner will make 7% on level 1 sales (personally recruited Marketing Partner).

•    A Managing Market Partners will earn 10% on level 1 and 3% on level 2 sales (those sales made by the Marketing Partners that your personally recruited Marketing Partner sponsor).

•    An Associate Market Builders will earn 12% on level 1 and 5% on level 2.

•    A Market Builders will earn 12% on level 1 sales, 6% on level 2 sales and 3% on level 3 sales.

•    A Managing Market Builders will earn 12% on level 1 sales, 7% on level 2 sales, 5% on level 3 sales, and 3% on level 4 sales.

Generation Bonus

Monat also provides generation bonus which is.

•    An Associate Market Mentor earn a 4% commission on their first generation sales.

•    A Market Mentor earns 4% on the first generation sales and 3% on the second generation sales.

•    A Managing Market Mentor earns 4% commissions on the first and second generation of sales and 3% on the third generation sales.

•    An Associate Executive Directors earn 4% on the first to third generations and 3% on the fourth.

•    An Executive Director will earn 4% on the first to fourth generations and 3% on their fifth generation sales.

•    A Senior Executive Director will earn 4% on all five generation sales.

There are also various other bonuses, these are:

•    VIP Customer Acquisition Bonus

•    Smart Start Bonuses

•    Smart Start Bonus Match

•    Rank Achievement Bonus

The Builder Bonus is for those who move up quickly to Silver or Platinum status and help their team members do the same. You can earn a $500 or a $1,000 bonus.

The Builder Bonus amount is dependent on matching activity for two consecutive months. First is the Silver Bonus called the 3+1. If you enroll 3 VIP customers and 1 Market Partner who buys a Product pack for two successive months, you earn a bonus of $150$, and if you double this, you make a $300 bonus on top of all your other commissions.

Advancement Bonuses are matching bonuses that you can earn on the achievements of your direct recruits. They range from $150 to $500.

Of course, when you enroll as a distributor, you receive generous discounts on the products that you buy.

Your Ability to Succeed

Monat has a powerful social media presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Bottom Line
Remember that you can get a significant discount on Monat by joining them as a marketer. If you enjoy commission based opportunities, this may be something for you to consider.