What are Jamberry Nails? In this Jamberry Nails review we look at the company, popularity, products, and compensation plan. We also evaluate your ability to succeed as an independent consultant.

Year started: 2010
Founders: Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth, Keri Evans
CEO: Elizabeth Thibaudeau

Jamberry Nails offers more than 300 styles of proprietary flexible nail wraps in a variety of patterns and colors. They are made of strong vinyl that firmly adheres to your nails.The nail care industry has grown massively in the last decade, and Jamberry Nails have benefited from this as they have over 40,000 distributors selling millions of dollars worth of products.

Jamberry nail wraps offer a do-it-yourself, cost effective way of keeping your hands looking polished.


Jamberry Nails has become one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies. Online searches for the word “Jamberry” total over 245,000 per month and 350,659 people follow the company on Facebook. These numbers confirm that Jamberry is currently one of the most popular MLM companies and our ranking reflects that fact.


Jamberry Nails even carries a line of NFL and NBA products for women who like to design their fingernails to show off their favorite pro basketball or football team. Disney designs available for their nails.

Jamberry nail wraps will last approximately 2 weeks on fingernails and up to 4 weeks on toenails. The wraps feature a heat-activated adhesive that form a waterproof seal to make them last longer than other nail products.

Jamberry Nails cost $15 per sheet of 18 stickers and are available in over 300 different designs and colors. Each sticker is able to cover two nails of approximately the same size. If customers purchase three sheets, they are eligible to receive a fourth sheet at no additional charge and they also have the option to order custom wraps with their own pictures or designs. Jamberry offers a subscription service that costs $25 per month.

Apply Jamberry wraps over clean, dry nails or painted nails. They stick faster to polished nails, so if you think you need to make adjustments, no polish. To apply the nail wrap follow the steps below. (Experience has taught that this is the best method).

  1. Assemble hair dryer, sheet of Jamberry nails, polish (optional), a file, nail scissors and nail clippers.
  2. Clean and dry your nails.
  3. find the wrap that best fits your nail size. When in doubt, choose a slightly smaller wrap rather than a larger one.
  4. Cut the decal in half and use a hair dryer to blast heat on the sticky side for 3 to 5 seconds. You’ll feel it start to soften.
  5. Apply the sticker to the nail as close to the nail bed as possible.
  6. Press down at the base of the nail and as you maintain pressure there, slightly stretch the sticker over the top edge of the nail.
  7. Trim the excess off with nail scissors, then use a nail file to file in a downward direction to make sure the Jamberry nail is exactly flush with the edge of your nail.
  8. Use a cuticle stick or your own fingers to push out any bubbles or wrinkles while you heat them a second time with your hair dryer.

This method will help your Jamberry Nails stick much better without bubbles.

Compensation Plan

The initial cost to purchase a starter kit and join the business opportunity as a Jamberry independent consultant is $99. The starter kit includes catalogs, order forms, brochures, product samples, nail tools, and three months of access to a personalized website.

Independent consultants have the ability to earn up to 40 percent commissions on retail product sales and 30 percent commissions on sponsored individuals brought into the business opportunity.

There are 5 ways to earn with Jamberry:

The above referenced Retail + Personal Sales Commissions
Level Overrides
Fast Start Bonus
Advancement Bonus + Matching Bonus
Generation Overrides

You can earn from 3%-12% on your Level 1 overrides. Higher ranks can earn 3-7% on their Level 2 overrides and 3-5% on Level 3 overrides.

Fast Start Bonuses are offered during your first three months as a consultant as well as $75-$100 in product credit and a $100 Lead Consultant Advancement Bonus.

Advancement and Matching Bonuses are $100-$400 and are reserved for Lead Consultants and above.

Generation Overrides are reserved only for the highest ranking consultants – Team Managers – and they’re 2%.

Rank Advancement Bonuses are offered at the Lead Consultant rank and above, they range from $50-$200.

Party hosts have the ability to earn free wraps, discounts, and other exclusive items, depending on total sales volume. Jamberry has a unique slider feature on its corporate website that allows hosts to see at a glance what they could potentially receive as rewards for party sales depending on different variables. Hosts may use a portion of their earned rewards toward the purchase of a consultant kit, if they so desire.

Ability to Succeed

Much like 31 Gifts and other companies, Jamberry Nails markets largely through a party plan method. Parties provide consultants the opportunity to display, demonstrate, and sell Jamberry products to friends, family, and anyone who may be interested. You can also utilize social media as a part of your marketing strategy, connecting with women who want to customize their nails for a one-of-a-kind look.

Jamberry Nails online parties seem to be really popular with consultants. All you need is either a computer or mobile device, an Internet connection and a Facebook account.

Prospecting Jamberry Nails customers is rather easy because you will get plenty of comments about your nails. You will need to be ready for how you reply to these compliments.

For example:

Thanks! They’re Jamberry wraps! They’re similar to stickers but they bond to your nails with heat so they stay on for about two weeks. I love them because I used to go to the salon, but now I can have have pretty nails without the hassle and expense. Would you like to try a sample? All my information is on the sample card if your interested.