Financial Education Services (FES) helps consumers improve their credit situation, and they also educate clients on how to improve their overall financial future. They have ten years of experience repairing the credit of people who have struggled with hospital bills, loss of employment, and other financial crisis.

Not only does FES help clients improve their credit situation, but they also teach each of their clients the skills to achieve his or her financial goals by focusing on their long-term care.

Year started: 2005
Founders: Parimal Naik, Mike Toloff
CEO: Parimal Naik


Financial Education Services is a stable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has a money-back guarantee. Their program options make the firm stand out among those in the same segment.

Financial Education Services also donates $2 from every FES Protection Plan payment to the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation.

Earn money while helping persons struggling with credit issues to get their lives back on track.


Currently, there are an average of over 6,500 Google searches per month for the term “Financial Education Services.” The company has 5,600 Facebook likes, and hundreds of Agents have their own Facebook Page.

These factors put FES right in the middle of the top 100 MLM companies as far as popularity goes. We give them three stars.

Samuel Wright conveys a 40 minute complete business presentation in the video below. Click here if you would like to sign up to Financial Education Services under Samuel.*


FES offers a comprehensive credit restoration program along with other services such as eliminating debt, safeguarding your finances, and identity theft protection. With a focus on consumer education and providing a personal experience, FES works with its clients to create a plan of action to increase their credit score and provide peace of mind for the future.

Their flagship service is a credit repair service called the FES Protection Plan Membership. It offers clients several programs and products to improve their credit and financial situations. These will help to remove any obsolete, inaccurate or erroneous accounts or information that might be affecting their credit score. There are also many strategies in the program that will benefit those in dire credit situations.

Financial Education Services offer clients around the clock access to their services where they can view credit reports, track their credit restoration progress, and access their other services. These services include:

  • Professional Credit Analysis
  • Free Credit Coaching
  • Credit Restoration
  • Credit Builder
  • Smart Credit
  • Positive Credit Builder
  • Credit Attorney
  • LifeLock
  • Debt Zero
  • MyCare Plan
  • Financial Lockbox
  • Free Life Insurance
  • Wills
  • Living Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • FES Travel
  • RX Discount Card
  • YFL Family Mint
  • Discount Shopping

Professional Credit Analysis

By evaluating your credit, FES will be able to determine your financial strengths and weaknesses by analyzing which items on your credit report may be responsible for hurting your credit score. They find the number of dispute items, the type of dispute items, and any other issues that are affecting your credit score.

Credit Coaching

Do you want to:
Buy a car?
Purchase a home?
Pay off your credit cards? Save for your children’s education?
Save for retirement?
Live debt free?

Your coach will help you do these things. You will be guided to develop a budget, stay on the budget, start a savings and retirement plan, get out of debt, live debt free and shown how to save money on just about everything!



Credit Restoration

A good credit score bolsters the chances you will get the best financing rates, insurance rates, employment opportunities, renting opportunities, and products and services such as cell phone plans, etc. You also receive lower interest rates and late fees.

You may already know that derogatory information on your credit report will hurt your credit score. The more negative information in your record, the lower your score will be.

For this reason, it is essential that the information your credit report contains is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Credit restoration also referred to as credit repair, is the process of disputing the accuracy of account information in your credit reports.

The Financial Education Services credit experts have a proven system to eliminate any inaccurate information. Disputing information in your credit reports is a legal right afforded to consumers through provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal consumer protection laws.

They will teach you the exact information you need to provide to the Credit Bureau’s and dispute the mistaken negative ratings that you may have.

Upon receiving a dispute, Credit Reporting Agencies and creditors have 30 days to investigate and ascertain whether the accounts are correct. If they cannot, they must remove any such negative information from the credit report and the results of the investigation sent to you within five days.

Credit Builder

Understanding the calculation of your credit score and how to read your credit report helps you to realize why the next steps you take to build your credit are essential.

You will have access to your credit report, presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will also have access to the FES financial library and resource center to assist in increasing your credit potential.

The FES Credit Education Center offers a variety of educational services, tips, and resources to help you enhance your credit score and manage your financial life by understanding the impact of the amount of credit you are using. Features include:

A Breakdown of the Credit Scoring System
Understand how the credit scoring works and how it impacts your financial health.

Credit Management Techniques
You will learn how your credit score is affected by your actions and how these actions can enhance your current rating.

Education and Resource Center
A vast amount of educational services, credit tips, and budgeting tools are available to establish and maintain your credit.

Smart Credit

Through this easy to read report, you’ll be able to view your credit score, automobile score, and insurance score as well as manage all of your online accounts in one place. If you are seeking a job, you will have available a hiring risk index as well. Not only is Smart Credit a complete picture of your money, but it’s also interactive. You can use Action buttons to ask your creditor a question about your account or a purchase, writing letters is unnecessary. Track your account balances and transactions each day.

Credit Attorney

An FES recommended attorney will discuss your debt relief options and help you make an educated decision that fits your specific situation. Reducing your debt with debt settlement is an excellent solution because you can lessen the impact a bankruptcy would have on your credit scores. By negotiating with creditors, your attorney will reduce what you owe so that your pay off terms are lessened, and your payments will work with your current financial situation. You can lean on your attorney for advice and guidance on:

• Stopping the collection calls and letters
• Negotiating your unsecured debt
• Avoiding Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy
• Minimizing your monthly payments
• Reducing your interest rates
• Dodging foreclosure
• Decreasing Private Student Loan Debt

Your lawyer has extensive settlement experience with banks, collection companies, and collection attorneys and has helped clients save thousands of dollars. Their goal is to renegotiate your debt, so your payments are as low as possible before it goes to court or, if you have gone to court, get your case dismissed. Your lawyer can negotiate judgments, repossessions, charge-offs or any debts that are still in a report. They use the power of the law to arrange these items in a way that’s favorable to you.


The reality of identity theft seems to increase every year. Managing all the details of your accounts and keeping your information secure can feel like a part-time job. Protecting your Social Security number is increasingly challenging and yet critical because with it someone might open bank and credit card accounts, obtain a driver’s license, take out loans, or apply for employment.

LifeLock sends alerts by text, phone, or email through the patented LifeLock Identity Alert system. It monitors all activity surrounding your Social Security number and accounts. LifeLock’s website and mobile app are exceptionally functional because they allow you to start resolving pending issues right away with no need to make a phone call.

LifeLock provides notifications for scenarios not monitored by other services, including alerts about third-party data breaches and crimes committed in your name. These features provide an extra level of reassurance. You can also choose to receive notifications by phone calls so that a representative can explain an alert’s importance.

If your identity is stolen, an Identity Restoration Specialist will personally work with you and help restore your status. LifeLock provides the Million Dollar Protection Package which includes coverage to hire lawyers or identity experts if needed.

Debt Zero

DebtZero is a guide on how you can more efficiently pay down your debt, taking into account your debt obligations and interest payments. The system will show you how to appropriately allocate your money towards all of your monthly payments using your current income with the goal of speeding up your debt payoff. Not only will it show you the dollars you will be saving in interest by paying off your debt significantly earlier than expected, but it will also show you the amount of money you can save by eliminating unnecessary interest payments.

MyCare Plan

When it comes to your health and your assets, the decisions you make for yourself and your family are important because if you are not able to speak on your behalf, someone else may end up making these decisions for you. Without an estate plan in place, these crucial choices regarding your health and finances are out of your control.

Many people put off planning for unexpected events because they may not want to think about those circumstances, or that they are still young, or they don’t understand the importance of creating a Will and Trust. MyCare Plan is a comprehensive planning package that covers each of the essential parts that make up a full estate plan.

Financial Lockbox

What if someone else found themselves in the position of taking over your finances without warning? What if you had a fire? Are your insurance, bank and financial documents in a safe place? Financial Lockbox is an online solution that enables you to store your data in a secure, password-protected location accessible by you or ones that you authorize. You will be able to access your records regardless of fire, floods, or other emergencies. You can also appoint a person to be notified about how to access your documents in case something happens to you. All of your data is fully encrypted.

Free Life Insurance

After you sponsor five people into the business, you’re eligible for free life insurance. Life insurance is a great benefit for everyone and FES doesn’t make you take a medical exam to get the life insurance.

Wills and Living Trusts

Less than half of adults have a will, and the most common excuse given for not possessing a will is not having gotten around to it. A will is essential to ensure that your money and belongings are distributed to those you want to have them after your death. When you die without a will, the government decides these things instead, and the process can take a considerable amount of time.

A living trust not only allows you to allocate your assets, but it can also safeguard them. A carefully written living trust is necessary so that you can have peace of mind that creditors cannot take those assets included in your living trust.

FES explains the legalities of these documents and provides both of them to you. Attorneys have developed both the will and the living trust, and you can make changes to them at any time.

Power of Attorney

There are two types of Powers of Attorney, one for health care and the other for finances. If you are unable to make decisions about your medical treatment or financial decisions, you will want to appoint someone you trust to make these decisions for you. FES will put together these documents for you.

FES Travel

FES has discount travel, lodging, and vacation packages. They offer exclusive deas in over 500 of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in more than 90 of the world’s top vacation destinations including some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. Looking for a custom trip? They can arrange Corporate Conventions, Incentive Travel, Family Cruises, Group Cruises, Grand Voyages, Destination Weddings, Luxury Vacations, African Safaris, Escorted Tours, and more!

RX Discount Card

Present your membership card and get discounts ranging from 10% to 85% on:

Appetite suppressants
Cosmetic drugs to prevent hair loss or wrinkles
Impotence and fertility medications
Contraceptive devices and medications
PET Scans, MRAs
Blood tests
Hearing aids

The card is accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, and everyone is eligible to use it.

YFL Family Mint

Teaching your child financial responsibility is one of your most important jobs as a parent. FamilyMint is a money management tool that offers an engaging way for kids to learn financial lessons. It’s easy for kids to use, lets them experience real-world utilization, and most importantly, learn by doing. The FES Protection Plan membership gives you access to the YFL’s Family Mint online and mobile application.

Create a personalized account, sign in, and begin using the program immediately. The Family Mint program features a Quarterly Financial Snippet, and the classroom workbook has a complete instructors guide and implementation checklist. Designed for kids fifth grade and up.

The Workbook Includes:

Engaging exercises
Fun money facts
Financial vocabulary
Certificate for the child upon completion of the program
Answer key in the back of the workbook

Discount Shopping

You will receive cash back benefits every time you shop and buy at any of the over 4,000 retailers. Just browse the offers available or search for a specific product then click through to the retailer via their link and complete your purchase. They also offer additional coupon codes to copy and paste at checkout to save even more!


Higher Cash Back rates than competitors
Shop from your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone
Reliable and Secure Platform
No annoying sponsored advertising
View your rewards anytime/anywhere
Get paid via PayPal or check



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