Financial Education Services helps consumers improve their credit situation, and they also educate clients on how to improve their overall financial future.

Financial Education Services (FES) has ten years of experience repairing the credit of people who have struggled with hospital bills, loss of employment, and other financial crisis.

Not only do they help clients improve their credit situation, but they also teach each of their clients the skills to achieve his or her financial goals by focusing on clients’ long-term care.



Financial Education Services is a stable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has a money-back guarantee. Their program options make the firm stand out among those in the same segment.

Earn money while helping persons struggling with credit issues to get their lives back on track.


Currently, there are an average of over 6,500 Google searches per month for the term “Financial Education Services.” The company has 5,600 Facebook likes, and hundreds of Agents have their own Facebook Page.

These factors put FES right in the middle of the top 100 MLM companies as far as popularity goes. We give them three stars.


FES offers a comprehensive credit restoration program along with other services such as eliminating debt, safeguarding your finances, and identity theft protection. With a focus on consumer education and providing a personal experience, FES works with its clients to create a plan of action to increase their credit score and provide peace of mind for the future.

Their flagship service is a credit repair service called the FES Protection Plan Membership. It offers clients several programs and products to improve their credit and financial situations. These will help to remove any obsolete, inaccurate or erroneous accounts or information that might be affecting their credit score. There are also many strategies in the program that will benefit those in dire credit situations.

Financial Education Services offer clients around the clock access to their services where they can view credit reports, track their credit restoration progress, and access their other services. These services include:

  • Professional Credit Analysis
  • Free Credit Coaching
  • Credit Restoration
  • Credit Builder
  • Smart Credit
  • Positive Credit Builder
  • Credit Attorney
  • Life Lock
  • Debt Zero
  • Financial Lockbox
  • Life Insurance for Business Owners
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • MyCare Plan
  • FES Travel
  • RX Travel
  • YFL Family Mint
  • Discount Shopping

Professional Credit Analysis

By evaluating your credit, FES will be able to determine your financial strengths and weaknesses by analyzing which items on your credit report may be responsible for hurting your credit score. They find the number of dispute items, the type of dispute items, and any other issues that are affecting your credit score.

Credit Coaching

Do you want to:
Buy a car?
Purchase a home?
Pay off your credit cards? Save for your children’s education?
Save for retirement?
Live debt free?

Your coach will help you do these things. You will be guided to develop a budget, stay on the budget, start a savings and retirement plan, get out of debt, live debt free and shown how to save money on just about everything!



Credit Restoration

A good credit score bolsters the chances you will get the best financing rates, insurance rates, employment opportunities, renting opportunities, and products and services such as cell phone plans, etc. You also receive lower interest rates and late fees.

You may already know that derogatory information on your credit report will hurt your credit score. The more negative information in your record, the lower your score will be.

For this reason, it is essential that the information your credit report contains is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Credit restoration also referred to as credit repair, is the process of disputing the accuracy of account information in your credit reports.

The Financial Education Services credit experts have a proven system to eliminate any inaccurate information. Disputing information in your credit reports is a legal right afforded to consumers through provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal consumer protection laws.

They will teach you the exact information you need to provide to the Credit Bureau’s and dispute the mistaken negative ratings that you may have.

Upon receiving a dispute, Credit Reporting Agencies and creditors have 30 days to investigate and ascertain whether the accounts are correct. If they cannot, they must remove any such negative information from the credit report and the results of the investigation sent to you within five days.

Credit Builder

Understanding the calculation of your credit score and how to read your credit report helps you to realize why the next steps you take to build your credit are essential.

You will have access to your credit report, presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will also have access to the FES financial library and resource center to assist in increasing your credit potential.

The FES Credit Education Center offers a variety of educational services, tips, and resources to help you enhance your credit score and manage your financial life by understanding the impact of the amount of credit you are using. Features include:

A Breakdown of the Credit Scoring System
Understand how the credit scoring works and how it impacts your financial health.

Credit Management Techniques
You will learn how your credit score is affected by your actions and how these actions can enhance your current rating.

Education and Resource Center
A wide variety of educational services, credit tips, and budgeting tools are available to establish and maintain your credit.